“Ascent” Triptych, 84H x 120W , Bas Relief, Mixed Media, Rust Patina on 3 panels

Chelsea NY: Viridian Artists is pleased to present a solo exhibition of paintings by artist Arthur Dworin. Opening on April 4, 2017, the exhibit will run through April 22, with a reception on Saturday, April 8, from 2-6pm. There will be a Wine & Words reception on Saturday, April 22, from 2-4pm when the artist will talk about his process and answer questions.

The organic and geometric shapes that have long populated Arthur Dworin’s work are raised off the surface now and coated with a high iron content patina that he then oxidizes to produce a rich rust. This he juxtaposes with bands and fields of brilliant color.


548 W. 28th St., 6th Floor, NYC  (212) 414-4040 

April 4-22, 2017

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, April 8: 2-6 pm

WINE & WORDS: Saturday, April 22: 2-4 pm, 

You are Cordially Invited to my April 2017 Solo Exhibition at Viridian Artists

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constellation II, 44W X 60H, Mixed Media, Bas Relief.

Peter Selz, the former MoMA curator of painting and sculpture and one of Dworin’s collectors, has said that “Dworin’s paintings are endowed with an original sense of sonorous color. Abstract as they are, they bring a new sense of visual order to organic forms of nature.”

"Dune" 48"W x 36"H, Mixed Media, Rust Patina Bas Relief 

Dworin attended the Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts and received a scholarship to the Art Students League in Woodstock. After painting in Zacualpan, Mexico, he became a member of the United Scenic Artists Union, where he became skilled in a host of techniques that have been invaluable to his personal art. While painting sets for theater and film, he used materials in an alchemical way. Often he had to make something look as if five layers of paint had peeled off a rusting surface. But in his own painting, he literally rusts the surfaces rather than just painting them to look like rust.


Cacophony" 48"H x 32"W, Mixed Media, Rust Patina Bas Relief

Like Kandinsky, whom he admires, Dworin improvises with forms that resonate musically with his own spiritual explorations. As he puts it, Dworin hopes that, “the spirit in these works will act as a key to awaken what is already deep within the observer, anew with each viewing, bringing a greater awareness of our inner and outer universes.”

"Schism" 60"H x 44"W, Mixed Media, Bas-Relief

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